ISLAM: The Saving Faith is the only Constitution for Humanity (Part I)


By Abdullah Abdullah

The enemies of Allah have invested recent history on relinquishing the illuminating Divine Constitution, Islam, for humanity that takes into account fitrah or genetic inclination of sons and daughters of Adam. Their devilish urges transformed into aggression by which Muslim Ummah and humanity were and are surrounded and then cut down to pieces or blocks to assure their intellectual enslavement using different form of social experiments as an excuse to wage continuous wars on Earth while always using humanistic free will to further their own devilish causes. Major futile social experiments were Fascism, Communism, and Darwism, recent popular attempts are Securalism/Atheism, Pluralism, (interest based) Capitalism and Democracy.

All these forms of social systems used self-defense pretext to enslave humanity by capturing regions (physically or politically) and converting them into blocks. These blocks in turn provide fencing to break the will of the people. History as witness shows us that each of these futile attempts to unify humanity under Shirk resulted in momentous human losses. While always unifying to covertly destroy the existence of Allah, the Creator, from the life on Earth. While, Allah orders us to unify in mutual love under His Command as prodigy of Adam never hating humans rather the sin in them. This simple difference results in minimum loss during the true transformation of human system, as shown by Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم, life and efforts to remove humankind from shackles of darkness.

Enemies of Allah used and still use a 3 point system to assimilate regions into different blocks in phases while always working towards one world government (or New World Order) as proven by present strategies employed by enemies of Allah.

  • Firstly they either utilize an opportunity to get involve in local political and economic system or create one
  • Secondly on pretext of self-interest employed power in all its forms always recruiting local agents
  • Thirdly taking power openly or covertly using war to suppress locals to bow down to their demands of implementing their worldly laws

For example, British used business as a pretext and exported war and destruction to South Asia killing all in power in Delhi literally, and implemented their Constitution. This than resulted in perpetual system of enslaved existence for natives that saw nothing else but world law as a source of their salvation rather than Heavenly Constitution that is Islam.

Overall, the enemies of Allah have been successful in removing Islam from our social life by inculcating in us following belief system:

  1. Islam is for individual private life only (marriages, deaths, heritance)
  2. Islam is outdated and not worthy of our intellectual curiosity
  3. Islam is not important for existence of Humanity now replaced by new system of democratic rule or other isms
  4. Codification of authentic Islam is not present this they do by removing Islamic knowledge from our educational institutions or promoting those who do not teach authenticated Islam (while they themselves claim that Islam is the only religion in modern times that is saved through perfect chain of narrators traceable to Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم)
  5. Promotion of non-Islamic social norms to diminish inherent desires for them. For example, inherent desire to follow a true leader is relinquish by promotion of paganism hero-worshipping in form of sports, music, and film personalities. (Recently Kabalistic (a Jewish Cult) singer Madonna announced opening up of girls schools in Muslim countries, imagine what she will be promoting)
  6. Investing all power to make certain that wherever Muslim population in majority desire Islam as a source of law must be kept suppressed and in continuous state of civil war


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