Forgotten American Holocaust

By Abdullah Abdullah

During 1600s total estimated world population was 550 Million, while deaths instigated by Darwanistic ideals of survival of the fittest, evolution, and Western (European/Greek) Oriented Governance ended in total deaths of 115 Million to 125 Million.

Humanity must not forget the fallacies and destruction caused by false isms, social experiments, & doctrines that continue to kill now in 21st Century. Only law befitting humanity must prevail, law that caters to Genetic Inclinations of Human Race, binding us all in love of common genetics & species.

African American Slavery
In American Holocaust (1992), David Stannard estimates that some 30 to 60 million Africans died being enslaved. He claims a 50% mortality rate among new slaves while being gathered and stored in Africa, a 10% mortality among the survivors while crossing the ocean, and another 50% mortality rate in the first “seasoning” phase of slave labor. Overall, he estimates a 75-80% mortality rate in transit.

In “The Atlantic Slave Trade and the Holocaust” (Is the Holocaust Unique, A. Greebaum, ed., 1996), Seymour Drescher estimates that 21M were enslaved, 1700-1850, of which 7M remained in slavery inside Africa. 4M died “as a direct result of enslavement”. Of the 12M shipped to America, 15%, or 2M more, died in the Middle Passage and seasoning year.

Jan Rogozinski, A Brief History of the Caribbean (1994): “[A]s many as eight million Africans may have died in order to bring four million slaves to the Caribbean islands.”

Rummel estimates a total death toll of 17,267,000 African slaves (1451-1870)
Among slaves going to Orient: 2,400,000 dead
Among slaves staying in Africa: 1,200,000 dead
Among slaves going to New World: 13,667,000 dead

Fredric Wertham claims that 150 Million Africans died of the slave trade.

Native American Holocaust
In American Holocaust, Stannard estimates the total cost of the near-extermination of the American Indians as 100 Million

M. D. Aletheia, The Rationalist’s Manual (1897): 30 Million Mexicans and Peruvians were slaughtered.
David Barrett, World Christian Trends: Conquistadors killed 15 Million Amerindians

Coe, Snow and Benson, Atlas of Ancient America (1986)
Total pre-Columbian population: 40M
Mexico: Original population of 11M to 25M (“lower figure commands more support”) fell to 1.25M (1625)
Peru: Pop. fell from 9M (1533) to less than 500,000 (early 17th C)
Brazil: Original population of 2.5M to 5.0M (“recent commentators favoring the higher”) fell to 1M

Massimo Livi-Bacci, Concise History of World Population History 2d (1996)
Mexico: Population fell from 6.3M (1548) to 1.9M (1580) to 1M (1605)
Peru: Pop. fell from 1.3M (1572) to 600,000 (1620)
Canada: from 300,000 (ca. 1600) to < 100,000 (ca. 1800)
USA: from 5M (1500) to 60,000 (ca. 1800) [sic. Probably means 600,000 because he cites Thornton]

R.J. Rummel estimates that 13,778,000 American Indians died of democide in the 16th through 19th Centuries:
Total dead among Native Americans in colonial era: 49.5M out of pre-contact population of 55M
Democides in this: 5M
Democides among Indians, post-colonial era: 8,763,000
Democides in US: 15,000

Skidmore & Smith, Modern Latin America (1997)
Mexico: Population fell from 25M (1519) to 16.8M (1523) to 1.9M (1580) to 1M (1605)
Peru: from 1.3M (1570, forty years after Conquest) to Stannard, American Holocaust (1992): 100 Million deaths across the hemisphere across time

16th Century death toll: between 60M and 80M

Panama, 1514-1530: 2M Indians killed


Central: Population fell from 25.0M (1519) to 1.3M (1595)

SE: fell from 1,700,000 to 240,000

North: fell from 2,500,000 to 320,000

Peru, 16th C.: between 8.5M and 13.5M people destroyed.

Fredric Wertham, A Sign For Cain : An Exploration of Human Violence (1966): South American death toll of 15,000,000.

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