Forgotten American Holocaust

During 1600s total estimated world population was 550 Million, while deaths instigated by Darwanistic ideals of survival of the fittest, evolution, and Western (European/Greek) Oriented Governance ended in total deaths of 115 Million to 125 Million.

Humanity must not forget the fallacies and destruction caused by false isms, social experiments, & doctrines that continue to kill now in 21st Century. Only law befitting humanity must prevail, law that caters to Genetic Inclinations of Human Race, binding us all in love of common genetics & species.

Pseudo Israel (Part 1)

By Abdullah Abdullah Most of us know much about Jews and their innovations in form of books called Talmud, which they prefer over Torah. We know their agenda, history, and their plans for the future. We know that they have vast tapping potential in form of political power, wealth, weaponry, and diplomatic strength. All this…

Aman Ki Asha: Truth or Fiction?

By Abdullah Abdullah A well-known Media Group has taken upon its self to single handedly, or it seems that way, change or condition us towards a new paradigm shift in geopolitics by undermining a very difficult to overcome social differences stamping between two nations born over differences in social systems. At one extent every soul…